What would you think?

  1. What would your feelings be If you had a boyfriend who kept mentioning his friends girlfriends’s name a few times every week for 11 months, and when you ask him, what is so interesting about her?
  2. His voice changes to the voice of a child, he never has a bad word to say about this person, and if you say one bad word about this person your boyfriend becomes very aggressive and begins to defend this person. You ask your boyfriend, do you speak to this man when you are in the house alone? He then answers very little, but immediately after saying this, he says to you, “do you know why I don’t speak to her much? He replies, because of you, and my friend. When you ask him is she good looking for you, he says I think she looks nice, but I’m not attracted to her, he says she has good shape, she is very interesting to speak with, and he has a good personality, and he is more interesting to speak with than you, he expands upon that point more by saying, maybe it’s because of all the things she is doing, and she works with children that we have so much to speak about. (at the same time he claims he doesn’t speak to her often, he also claims he has no interest in her)
  3. If this woman was his friend’s girlfriend and she spends a few days a week in the home alone with your boyfriend as she and your boyfriend come home earlier than her boyfriend as he comes home from work late,
  4. If your boyfriend came to see you and whilst he’s at your home sitting on your bed you notice he has big smiles on his face and the reason he is full of big smiles on his face, is because he is sending SMS to his friend and they are speaking about the friends girlfriend.
  5. If you asked him to stop mentioning her name to me, and  he became aggressive, and his answer is if people are around me and I want to speak about them then I can!
  6. The reality he has nothing to tell you about him, he uses his name as a reference
  7. Your boyfriend’s friends calls him whilst you are together and in a short conversation you hear your boyfriend call his friends girlfriend name many times.
  8. Each and every time the naive friend ask him to make contact with this woman, he becomes highly aggressive towards you when you show him you are against him making contact with her and he’s even prepared to break up with you because you are against her contacting the friends girlfriend.
  9. Your boyfriend spends many hours speaking to his friend about his girlfriend and when they speak your boyfriend ask the friend many questions about his girlfriend but he seldom speaks to the friend about you
  10. Each time you try to speak about it to your boyfriend he immediately becomes very aggressive and defensive towards you, we end up having a huge argument and your boyfriend wants to  break up with you.
  11. When you do break up he feels that he has done  nothing wrong, and in fact he blames you for even mentioning the fact that he is reflecting these emotions towards his friends girlfriend.
  12. After he finishes with you, he makes sure he tells the friends girlfriend that he has broken up with his girlfriend because she thinks he has an interest in her.
  13. When you speak about it and you think the matter is okay, the friend gets your boyfriend involved again, you show you are against this and the whole thing starts again.
  14. Would you think your boyfriend has any feelings, and an interest in his friends girlfriend or do you think your boyfriend just wants to help his friend?
  15. What type of interest do you think he has, is it normal, or is it highly emotional?
  16. He knows he has to keep a distance as it’s his friend’s girlfriend, and the last thing he wants is for the friend to think is that his involvement is because he has an interest in his girlfriend, he wants him to think it’s only because he cares about him.
  17. Do you feel the friend has no idea that he is handing to him on a plate exactly the contact he wants to have with his girlfriend?
  18. Would you feel your partner feels the relationship of his friend’s is far more important  than our relationship?
  19. Would you be against your boyfriend getting involved in his friends relationship?
  20. Would you be concerned about this type of behavior your partner has over a person they claim they have no feelings or interest in or would you just trust them?
  21. If none of these points are correct, why is there such a strong need for his involvement and high level of emotions towards this person even if it can break her own relationship where we speak of marriage and children?
  22. Because I’m concerned about all of the above, does that make me a psychopath or paranoid?



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