Weapon of Peace

Last weekend I got the chance to update this post Weapon of Peace and the character I am I’ve thought of one instrument and this is my Guitar. If I could think of a way to tune people’s hearts and make them think more rationally under stress I would choose a musical instrument.

The Weapon of Peace is something which would be better than any form of violence and if used nobody would ever need to die all problems or negative moods would be soothed by a little passionate music. If such thoughts could be true I’m sure it would contribute to the world being a better place. Often people like the Police have killed as have the army and other sources of power when the perpetrator could have easily been stopped by a weapon which need not kill the aggressor or violent offender.

If you watch cable or satellite TV you may have seen the discovery or geographic channel if you have then you may have seen programs dedicated on how a war can be fought without any person being harmed. Authorities worldwide have proven such devices are available problem is their spending fortunes elsewhere to harm people but seem to spend the minimum how to preserve human life. What’s even uglier is more often than not the choice of people given to use this is worst than the target they are given.

It would be a wonderful thing if a melody could be played and once this is done each and every person feeling disruptive would immediately feel calm.

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