It seemed so sudden that the Rock legend Gary Moore found dead but none the less a sad reality. Nobody knows when their time is up. The time of death can hit us when we think the future seems to be so bright. What often makes me wonder is these health fanatics who write these books about how to preserve our health and live long and healthy yet often they die in their early sixties.

I plan to live to at least 100 even though I could die tomorrow. It would be nice to be able to control our destiny but the sad reality its something which we have no control over. Sure we can participate in sport and eat healthy and that is a contribution to our health, however their other factors could cause death.

You could be Black or another race or culture living in a country were people are generally okay, but the fact remains you are a minority, which brings your attention to fascist. Most fascist being dum feel on the strength of their narrow minded beliefs and low opinion of the culture or race they hate have it set in their mind that they can wipe the floor with that person and feel confident to attack you even if you make that attack for him an unforgettable experience. Its the resilience of a culture towards such attacks which reduces these Nazi fuckers from continuing their campaign of hate towards ethnic minorities.

Comically the Nazi or bully is generally speaking nothing but a coward. If people were to pick on them they way the pick on others, they naturally seldom do this alone as they know the chances of them being beaten up is much higher so they normally do this when they are have other friends or associates who think like them, & can assist them launch their racist attack. Joke is if these cowards were to be attacked in their own country or another and the actions which they feel is right to take out on others were to be taken out on them, these narrow minded bastards would be like pigeons amongst a group of cats.

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