Speaking aloud or keeping our feelings to ourselves

If you’re walk down the streets, or any place you can think of and you come across a man or woman speaking aloud to themselves, the first thought that crosses peoples mind, “is the person doing this mad?

In my opinion every person who thinks has to speak to himself, the only difference is their thoughts are kept private. From time to time I come across people doing this and I wonder what is on their mind. In my opinion this normally happens to people who are angry with other people and they are unable to speak with others about the matter concerning them, this results in them no longer being able to contain their feelings inside their head, therefore they feel by speaking out aloud they are releasing their anger. If this be the case is there anything wrong with speaking to ourselves out aloud?

Is there a remedy for this, and if there is how long would it be functional and if it did go away would it reoccur in-a short space of time? Is there anybody out there who can share some insight on this subject? I was recently recollected speaking to a friend Dominika Krysińska about this.

If you are an opinion based person or very judgmental I would suggest if you come across a person who speaks to themselves to be open minded about your thoughts towards them. Remember it could be a PHP student or a person with no education or a person who has reached the level of studying as a professor, the person’s level of education has nothing to do with those who speaks to themselves aloud.

I wonder if in time to come, will many of the diseases which cause human deficiencies plague our world further, or will it ever be curable by one tablet?  Organizations like the gates foundation are successful in tackling such issues.

Long live the promoters of longevity and good healthy clean living!

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