Perhaps train your Brain?

Here in 2012 I’m very much into training my brain. That does not mean some hectic approach which quickly becomes-boring.

I came across a very good book which I purchased in London UK from a very good book shop in London WC2 on Charring cross road called Foyles. The name is Train your Brain written by DR KAWASHIMA. It’s a great book which has lots of different exercises that can help you increase your brain power and I’ve put it to the test and I highly recommend it to any person who wants to increase their brain. Surprisingly you need only do some simple exercises on a daily basis which will only last a couple of minutes. I’ve knocked some 30 seconds of my time in making simple calculations really fast.

There is also a method to help you increase your word memorization; this is done by reading some words for 2 minutes and then seeing how many words you can remember in two minutes. I started of with remembering 6 to seven words now I can sometimes remember 10 to 11 words. Tes like this have been conducted in schools worldwide to gauge people’s average level.

I found the impact it has had on me a person who is reasonably well motivated is to feel even more motivated. Any book which gives a person that type of feeling has to be worth having what’s more it cost me under £10.00 and in my opinion there is no price for education. If you feel your lacking energy in your job or school studies I think brain training may be the solution to turn things around.

If you do come across this post because your lacking that get up and go it would be interesting to know if the tips I’ve recommended can in some way contribute to turning things around in your brain and perhaps land you straight into a job.

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