Paul Weller’s views on the changing music business

Paul Weller has always felt the music industry is not run fairly, in addition to that he feels there is a lot of favoritism given towards what individuals look like and what they believing.

Obtaining a recording contract has little to do with your true musical ability. If you don’t have the time to check his website right now, you’re in luck. Weller is doing a brief interview via youtube where he will give his reasons for his beliefs which he has stood by for over 30 years without any change in his views. Weller has covered an endless amount of time researching his views and he feels certain his research and experience is accurate and openly challenges oppositions.


Weller is-known for his unique song-writing skills, and singing style. If you’re wondering what you can do–besides checking Weller’s website of course-Weller is open to receive your email. Members at Quilib seconded his opinion. Much has been said towards the record industry some of it good and some bad naturally for some their efforts have made their life a dream come true and for others they’ve felt left out and cheated as they’ve felt they have much more to offer.

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