Motorcycle ride with Kevin Jones

I can recall going to Claremont high school and wanting a moped, I was always thrilled by people who had a moped or motorcycle whilst we were at school, often friends of other students would come to meet their friends after schools on some highly desirable bikes. All of these memories returned to trace shortly after reading an article at Direct Bikes Reviews.

Shortly after leaving school I purchased a moped made by a company called Fantic from a neighbour called Brian Perez, I was a highly thrilled owner of this this and was forever trying to boost its performance by carrying out endless modifications to be able to race and beat other moped owners.

One great bike ride I had was when I bumped into an old school mate called Kevin Jones, we rode through Harrow on the hill past our old school and we toured the beautiful hills west harrow, the really nice part of harrow. It was great to see Kevin Jones and we had a fabulous ride as well as a good chat and recollected some good old school time memories:)

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