Mark Handsome

From time to time I like to try new clothes Mark Handsome in Covent garden London wc2, I was seeing what is best for my taste, I like taking a photo every once in a while all in preparation for my interest in Somatic Coaching I love checking out the clothes shops in London just to remind me I’m still real.

Having developed a passion for clothes in different locations in the UK as well as cities in Poland where my sweet little daughter Marysia was born 15 months ago, I feel Its a waste of life working on a computer all day sure its important, but no matter how much work we have health is equally as important. Handsome knows this therefore makes a point to frequently address this relevant point here in 2011 as he knows if something bad happens to our bodies it cannot be undone.

Given that Handsome isn’t a model of some kind despite the fact he could easily be he is well clued up on fashion and makes a point to address some issues. If you feel uncomfortable with what your wear or feel you are looking a bit shabby why not pay Next or top shop a visit? They are fine Handsome says you can buy a decent pair of trousers and shirt for a responsible price and if you take the time to see they fit you well when you leave the shop wearing them you will feel a lot better within yourself. Do men dress for woman? I think people buy what they think looks good on them but they also think what looks good for other people.

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