Learning German

There are different ways of learning languages from participation in classes at language schools, through conversations with native speakers, to private tutoring mostly in a foreign language teacher.

The advantage of school language learning is the ability to adapt to your level and communication skills during the classes, which is achieved by conducting dialogues with other course participants. Learning on the course at a language school also used to solve the tasks with the help of other participants – some students with the help of colleagues can match the level of language the rest of the group.

Learning from a native speaker allows you to achieve a high level language with communication in a foreign language. Already the first hour of such a conversation introduces the learner in the atmosphere of a foreign language. Inability to use the mother tongue encourages the rapid assimilation of new words. This method also helps to learn grammar in a free, spontaneous.

Tutors help students treated individually. Particular attention is returned to the mistakes we make, emphasis is also placed on the structure of hard for him to assimilate. In case of difficulty, the task can be repeated without considering the pace of learning. Tutors from a foreign language also tend to support learning in schools – in such cases, the emphasis is put on the backlog in school. But sometimes students want to raise your level, for example, the intention of taking the exams orally or in writing, tutoring then focus on preparing students for this exam.

German language classes conducted by our teachers combine various teaching methods and focus primarily on the student’s language needs. Teacher takes the role of another participant of the course and conduct of a student in German language tasks, including: dialogues, grammatical tasks, lexical.

In case of contact with the participant

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