Keeping close to our lifetime intentions

Like many people we all have a plan in life to be something special. Mark McGlashan was no exception to this rule and he takes his hat off to the many great teachers out there like the creator of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup who makes learning exciting and he frequently stimulates your curiosity.

Despite having such positive intentions in life few ever become as lucky as Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs but being one of the rich and super famous is not what it’s all about, its about paving the way for a good future and hopefully a road full of happiness which sadly is a road I’ve missed.

None the less despite the negativities which have taken place in my life I feel the need to press on and put the hammer down at full speed ahead. I truly believe the heart of a strong willed person is when the no hopers , users and losers try to hold us down in life we disregard their obscenities or negative point of view and keep heading forward with our goals and with that plan we are winners.

I’d like seeing the future where we can use our minds in diverse ways, in addition to that it would be great if the time and effort we put into something could pay off with us doing a job which we dedicated our studies too from childhood.

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