Engine failures – signs

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Engine failure is a very serious matter. But often we do not realize that our car had a problem. How do you know that the engine suffered a fault? Is the car gives signs that can be seen? See what a malfunction in the vehicle and how it should then proceed.

1. Clatter engine

If knocking in the engine are loud and variables along with the rotation, probably damaged bearings.Unfortunately, this is not a good sign. Your engine is to finish and will have to be replaced. What generates considerable costs. If the knocks are quiet, you have the wrong valve clearance or worn hydraulic tappets. The first of these is adjusted by a small amount, and the second lists.

2. Smoke

a) black

A possible cause is excessive dosage of fuel or damage injectors. In this case, it is necessary to check the injection system.

b) gray

If smoke appears only after start-up, there was a fuel valve sealants. You have to be replaced, but the price may vary depending on the car model. In some because you need to remove the head, and it’s free. The smoke while driving indicates a turn for the wear of piston rings (new, unfortunately, are not cheap). It is also possible that there was a failure of the turbocharger, which in this case must be regenerated.

c) white

White smoke indicates the blown head gasket, which necessarily must be replaced.

3. Reducing the level of oil

First, determine whether there is leakage somewhere. However, if this is not the cause, the problem lies in the burning of oil. As a rule, should wane about 0.1 l per 1000 km, so it is easy to notice the change in this respect. Why is that? Most likely responsible are worn piston rings or turbocharger. In the first case, you have to reckon with the depletion of the engine and its general renovation. In the second – will be needed regeneration turbochargers, which also is not cheap.

4. Increase the oil level

Oil not only can wane, but also arrive. How does it happend? Often this problem are people who use the car mostly in short distances. Unburned fuel flows down the sides of the cylinder to the oil pan – so if the oil level rises even a centimeter, you have to replace it with a new one! Besides, although twice a month, go for a long ride, which is a good influence on your car.

5. Clatter and vibration at low revs

If you notice a knocking when downshifting or vibration at low revs, it came to the use of the dual mass flywheel.It must withstand in a good state of 100 to 200 thousand. mileage, but in some cases it comes quickly to a fault. In this case, it is necessary to replace a specialized workshop.

6. goo in the cooling fluid

If coolant enters the oil, probably got out head gasket. The result is a characteristic of goo. Most often, this problem affects the holders of cars with LPG, where the seal is overheating. You must then replace the gasket.

7. Problems with starting cold

If you can not ignite the engine after a longer standstill, and you have a diesel, it could lead to engine wear or have the wrong injection timing. It may be the result of changes in the timing belt pull or ill fitting. If the dose of injection is bad, probably it came to use injectors that need to be repaired or replaced.

8. worse performance

In the case of inferior performance, the reasons may be several. Test the ignition-injection and air filter – can be blocked. The turbo engines often responsible for leaks to improper intake, because there is a rupture of plastic pipes and pressure loss. If you have a gasoline engine, inspect the spark plugs and wires. If you still have not found the cause of the problem, you will need to visit a specialist, who will quickly locate the fault.

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