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Good news at last: Still a few more weeks

Sometimes life seems to be going nowhere and unexpectedly all the things you want to come together suddenly begins to fall into place, this shows why it’s important never to give up on our objectives no matter what it’s we want to achieve.

Sky TV vs Cyfraplus

If you have a passion for satellite TV and you come from the UK and your living in Poland but you miss and admire UK TV perhaps it would be worth while buying a satellite from the UK and before you leave subscribe to one of the packages from Sky TV in doing so you would be able to watch a lot of UK TV whilst being in Poland. I am not sure if this is legitimate with Sky, but for sure it works, it may be possible that it infringes copyright laws or other laws unknown to me. Irrespective of this Read more [...]

London Club Scene 2000

I often use to go clubbing with a friend Derek Waddell during that period of time there were times the nights out were often enjoyable however after frequenting them they became less desirable to me. In fact when it comes to clubbing unless your into dancing a drinking and woman much of it is totally overrated.

How influential is bad press?

One may say the outcome of Bad Press is obvious however the reality is it can work in good ways as well as bad, Lets take the rock band Oasis, when they first came on the scene it took a short while before the attitude of front man and lead singer Liam Gallagher became known resulting in a lot of talk about him nationally, this worked out as a huge attraction for the band, not only that it made people curious about him and his endless arguments on stage with his brother and songwriter Noel Gallagher Read more [...]

New rags

I gave houserag a new design and its still in the process of being finished. I am trying many variations and one of the reasons is I am looking for the perfect website. Its often hard to be satisfied but I am sure with the right perseverance I will eventually have it looking right.


It seemed so sudden that the Rock legend Gary Moore found dead but none the less a sad reality. Nobody knows when their time is up. The time of death can hit us when we think the future seems to be so bright. What often makes me wonder is these health fanatics who write these books about how to preserve our health and live long and healthy yet often they die in their early sixties.I plan to live to at least 100 even though I could die tomorrow. It would be nice to be able to control our destiny Read more [...]

WordPress Htaccess code for root and subdirectory

Hi folks and welcome to Quilib maybe you have been facing problems with resolving your permlinks within wordpress, the reason being is you need to edit your htaccess file. One must keep in mind the code for each setting is different fortunately you have me to work it out for you. And as a result of this I have written the code below for those of you facing problems.For sites installed in root directory:# BEGIN WordPressRewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /RewriteRule ^index.php$ - [L]RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} Read more [...]

Guitarist Buys Google in Cash!

Mark Earl McGlashan a Guitarist from London has offered to buy Google, what is more the entrepreneur is said to be paying in cash! Rumors circulated the Billionaires Mansion in West Hampstead London. However friends laughed at such ridiculous claims saying the guitarist celebrating the release of his new cover version of You do something to me did not have two pennies to rub together far a less have such ludicrous claims topurchase Google. Read more [...]