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Danny Sullivan + Me

Hold your breath and search again makes me think of the so called SEO Guru Danny Sullivan, how good is he, how much does he charge and how much does he really know? Does he have a big bank balance and because of that leeches give him respect or is he really that good? Many people are marketed and have the right people behind them allowing them to charge a price way beyond an average person’s financial reach; I wonder how many people cheaper can outsmart them? Read more [...]

SEO Work for Mark Matthews

My very old friend known as Mark Matthews recently had a disappointing letter on his desk which told Mark that there no longer was any SEO Work for him as Mark is a passionate SEO guru this information came to him as a total shock, the reason being is he has been doing so well for the company who now say they no longer need his SEO services. I feel confident he will find some work as his skills outshine many others working within search.

A little website redirect in action

SEO Toronto has recently decided on moving their site with a 301. It turned out that everything worked well, they quoted that the end results were described as perfectly satisfactory. I love the different stories you hear about search engines, they vary so much that we here at Quilib believe to really know the end result of any quote given to you by friends or search engine representatives is to give everything a try for yourself. There are so many way which you can do the same thing and end up Read more [...]

A few useful SEO Points

SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimization Company - SEO) its a process for you’re your websites to obtain high positions in search engine results for selected keywords. Our SEO Consultants has proven that this form of advertising does not involve high costs and its effectiveness is manifested by an increase and improvement of traffic on the website. Positioning in contrast to other types of promotion has a huge and yet the most important advantage - not urged to take advantage of the services, Read more [...]