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Condensing gas boilers in Ealing

  Gas condensing boilers are the solution with the highest efficiency by utilizing condensing technology - contained in the steam arising when burning natural gas. In traditional boilers "no condensation", heat is lost with the flue gases leaving the boiler.  Condensing gas boilers Viessmann as the first of its kind to be offered on the market since the early 90s. Existing solutions, such as Inox-Radial stainless steel with the addition of titanium and molybdenum or Matrix radiant burners, Read more [...]

Speaking aloud or keeping our feelings to ourselves

If you're walk down the streets, or any place you can think of and you come across a man or woman speaking aloud to themselves, the first thought that crosses peoples mind, "is the person doing this mad? In my opinion every person who thinks has to speak to himself, the only difference is their thoughts are kept private. From time to time I come across people doing this and I wonder what is on their mind. In my opinion this normally happens to people who are angry with other people and they are Read more [...]

My little adventure Los Angeles Orange County “Lax Shuttle Service” here on Quilib

From time to time, Quilib find they reach out to people around the globe and in all honesty with things like Google Talk being around we find that Quilib and Lax can make this happen effortlessly, this is a service which we use when we deal with our associates across the Atlantic called Shuttle to Lax. Today the L.A. shuttle team will work with our group to see we get the full benefits of using Lax Shuttle Service a transportation service which is not as common in the UK. The truth is we arrived Read more [...]

Sting has a commercial pilot’s license

Many people may not be aware of it, the rock-star Sting has a full commercial pilot’s license. Sting is not a only a good song writer his is also very well educated in many different languages. Sting was spotted in an airport in Germany on a private jet which he flew to Germany. The Police front man, who has long been a campaigner on environmental issues, was spotted disembarking from the plane alone at Leipzig airport. He was then bussed into the city centre to perform with the rest of the band Read more [...]

Keeping close to our lifetime intentions

Like many people we all have a plan in life to be something special. Mark McGlashan was no exception to this rule and he takes his hat off to the many great teachers out there like the creator of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup who makes learning exciting and he frequently stimulates your curiosity. Despite having such positive intentions in life few ever become as lucky as Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs but being one of the rich and super famous is not what it’s all about, its about paving the way for a good Read more [...]

Perhaps train your Brain?

Here in 2012 I’m very much into training my brain. That does not mean some hectic approach which quickly becomes-boring. I came across a very good book which I purchased in London UK from a very good book shop in London WC2 on Charring cross road called Foyles. The name is Train your Brain written by DR KAWASHIMA. It’s a great book which has lots of different exercises that can help you increase your brain power and I’ve put it to the test and I highly recommend it to any person who wants Read more [...]


Nothing worst than having a fresh site with lots of nice content and waiting for it to be indexed as I have been here Updated on 29.05.2014 at 03.22: It is not uncommon for Google not to index your site but just index the front page. Now I do not need to here about site maps etc. they are all in place. I have many sites but for some strange reason despite being N01 in every other engine Google will not index it? This can be annoying to deal with especially when it was indexed before and despite Read more [...]


(quick post. I’m doing the write fast thing to get me back in the blogging habit. QUUTK is a little code with a long message I recently used it whilst in the sales department of the Good Homes (NHB). I love the idea of creating an original way to communicate which bewilders listeners and this one QUUTK is no exception.I mean how does a language come around in the first place? I guess such answers would be way beyond this short note. Would it not be great if you could use words in a way were just Read more [...]