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What would you think?

What would your feelings be If you had a boyfriend who kept mentioning his friends girlfriends’s name a few times every week for 11 months, and when you ask him, what is so interesting about her? His voice changes to the voice of a child, he never has a bad word to say about this person, and if you say one bad word about this person your boyfriend becomes very aggressive and begins to defend this person. You ask your boyfriend, do you speak to this man when you are in the house alone? He Read more [...]

Speaking aloud or keeping our feelings to ourselves

If you're walk down the streets, or any place you can think of and you come across a man or woman speaking aloud to themselves, the first thought that crosses peoples mind, "is the person doing this mad? In my opinion every person who thinks has to speak to himself, the only difference is their thoughts are kept private. From time to time I come across people doing this and I wonder what is on their mind. In my opinion this normally happens to people who are angry with other people and they are Read more [...]

Sting has a commercial pilot’s license

Many people may not be aware of it, the rock-star Sting has a full commercial pilot’s license. Sting is not a only a good song writer his is also very well educated in many different languages. Sting was spotted in an airport in Germany on a private jet which he flew to Germany. The Police front man, who has long been a campaigner on environmental issues, was spotted disembarking from the plane alone at Leipzig airport. He was then bussed into the city centre to perform with the rest of the band Read more [...]

Another progressive day

As each day goes by my I set myself targets which I try to reach an objective. It could be to read a number of chapters from one of my programming books it could be trying to tackle some SEO problems or it could be marketing a local directory whatever my goal is for the week I want to to try to fulfill it. Life does not stop after School, High School, and University life keeps going even when your into your forties. Despite having my fair share of sand kicked in my face by former girlfriends my life Read more [...]

Full list of metro stations in Munich

Munich in Germany has to be one of my favourite cities for many reasons. I've had a lot of experience in Germany in fact I've travelled from one end of the country to other and spent 6 years living in Stuttgart. If you need to know the List of Munich U-Bahn stations all 100 stations are listed below. Aidenbachstraße, Alte Heide, Am Hart, Arabellapark†Basler Straße, Bonner Platz, Brudermühlstraße, Böhmerwaldplatz. Candidplatz. Dietlindenstraße, Dülferstraße, Feldmoching†, Forstenrieder Read more [...]

Weapon of Peace

Last weekend I got the chance to update this post Weapon of Peace and the character I am I’ve thought of one instrument and this is my Guitar. If I could think of a way to tune people’s hearts and make them think more rationally under stress I would choose a musical instrument. The Weapon of Peace is something which would be better than any form of violence and if used nobody would ever need to die all problems or negative moods would be soothed by a little passionate music. If such thoughts Read more [...]

Passionate about Antiques here in 2011

As a child I never really took a liking to Antique furniture I generally had a feel for the modern look. Now in my middle ages I still feel the same way. I do like Antique floors, recently I found a broad range at Rischkopf Antiques and I found some of its stock to be appealing at Rischkopf Antiques perhaps as time has gone buy I appreciate the quality which goes into some of the older desirable things. I speak of things which can be used in the home to decorate it such as a wooden flooring something Read more [...]

Mark Handsome

From time to time I like to try new clothes Mark Handsome in Covent garden London wc2, I was seeing what is best for my taste, I like taking a photo every once in a while all in preparation for my interest in Somatic Coaching I love checking out the clothes shops in London just to remind me I’m still real.Having developed a passion for clothes in different locations in the UK as well as cities in Poland where my sweet little daughter Marysia was born 15 months ago, I feel Its a waste of life working Read more [...]

How to find Handsome Single Men

Read more [...]

Poland became a part of me

Its really funny how life can turn out, as to where will go and where we will end up, had you mentioned the possibility of living in Poland 10 years ogo I would say not in a million years, when I answered that question it was something which I really felt inside. However some years after saying that I fell in love with a Polish lady I met in London and later moved to Poland. Despite recently breaking up with her I continue to live there and have been doing so on and off for the last 5 years. When Read more [...]