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Paul gilbert intense rock

I love Paul Gilbert intense rock, this man is a great versatile guitarist and he knows how to express himself on the electric guitar, in fact Gilbert is one of a few players who is able to do a rock gig all alone, that’s right he is so intense he just does not need a band this is totally awesome. When you sit back and listen to him you’ve to take a hat off to him as you know he has spent a lot of time practicing check out his version of Frank Sinatra’s fly me to the moon. Here we have an Read more [...]

Sting has a commercial pilot’s license

Many people may not be aware of it, the rock-star Sting has a full commercial pilot’s license. Sting is not a only a good song writer his is also very well educated in many different languages. Sting was spotted in an airport in Germany on a private jet which he flew to Germany. The Police front man, who has long been a campaigner on environmental issues, was spotted disembarking from the plane alone at Leipzig airport. He was then bussed into the city centre to perform with the rest of the band Read more [...]

Paul Weller’s views on the changing music business

Paul Weller has always felt the music industry is not run fairly, in addition to that he feels there is a lot of favoritism given towards what individuals look like and what they believing. Obtaining a recording contract has little to do with your true musical ability. If you don’t have the time to check his website right now, you’re in luck. Weller is doing a brief interview via youtube where he will give his reasons for his beliefs which he has stood by for over 30 years without any change Read more [...]

Light classical music online

A great way to take all your stress away is to listen to light classical music and one sure way to do this is by listening to Classical FM they play a wide Varity of classical music and no matter what music you like you’ll find something likeable as have highly successful rock bands like Queen and Led Zepplin. Had no classical music online been around to listen and enjoy, places great songs like Stairway to heaven and Queen's bohemian rhapsody may have never been created as these songs have-some Read more [...]

Cheap multitrack recorder available

The nice thing is with multritrack recorders you can pick them up cheap, a good example of such a divice is the one which-is made by ZOOM you can get one of these for a s cheap-as £200.00 For that price if you know what your doing you can get some very interesting recordings. You could for example have a four piece band with abass drums and guitar and you write jazz songs and you sound is really geared at projecting your ability as a live band then with a few additional exras this could prove to Read more [...]

Weapon of Peace

Last weekend I got the chance to update this post Weapon of Peace and the character I am I’ve thought of one instrument and this is my Guitar. If I could think of a way to tune people’s hearts and make them think more rationally under stress I would choose a musical instrument. The Weapon of Peace is something which would be better than any form of violence and if used nobody would ever need to die all problems or negative moods would be soothed by a little passionate music. If such thoughts Read more [...]

Rock legend Gary Moore found dead

My heart and symphony goes out to a great guitarist Gary Moore notorious for technique. He had a nice singing voice and he played great guitar lines and his improvisation skills were excellent.Rock Legend Moore wrote many classic songs, one very well known song which he wrote with his former band Thin Lizzy is a song called Parisienne Walkways this is a great song on several thin Lizzy albums. Moore really utilizes his skills when he plays this song live, he does this with great vocals and mind blowing Read more [...]

Dangerous rock star live on youtube!

I had finally felt it was time to get around to putting up my YouTube channel Mark McGlashan Its one of those things which I had been meaning to get around too which has come a bit late but none the less sooner now than never. Please check it out and leave your comments Its not often you can see one of worlds greatest unknown song writers projecting his skills, not just to those who frequently tune into my blog but to those who know about good song writing as well as those who like Read more [...]

Paul Weller after many years of not being married has been tempted to do so again. I hope this does not end up that his wife turns out to be a some greedy bastard.Many may say such comments are totally uncalled for but seeing his wife is thirty years younger than him one cant help think that his status plays a role in her interest. If he turns out to find genuine love and happiness then great.One often thinks of a career to go into after leaving school sadly but true one career for certain seems Read more [...]

Nile Rodgers Master of Funk Grooves

I had just been playing my old fender Strat, in the out of phase pick-up position which is one of the most favoured tones from 5 tones which can be accomplished when shifting the pick-up switch often used by those who play the Fender Stratocaster & when you hear it and then know it, the first thing you will realize it is used by many famous artist both old and modern here in 2010. This unique sound is admired by many guitar players, as well as those who just love the sound of the guitar or Read more [...]