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Skoda Finance for Second Hand or New Cars

The older, the more favorable. If your Skoda has already traveled a few kilometers by can now save twice: with our service discount action "times 2". Vehicle age in years × 2 = divider 1 in percent. For example, for your 8 year old Skoda 16% discount on Skoda original and economy parts. Quite clever. Just ask us at your next visit. We are happy to advise you and make you an individual offer. 1 Based on our prices for selected Skoda Original and Economy parts. Discount for Read more [...]

Engine failures – signs

A previous French version of this article was published in the local news print edition of the UK magazine Plusinek Mark on behalf of MobileMechanic.London If you read French and are interested in Cars, I highly recommend you check out this magazine. Engine failure is a very serious matter. But often we do not realize that our car had a problem. How do you know that the engine suffered a fault? Is the car gives signs that can be seen? See what a malfunction in the vehicle and how it should Read more [...]

My little adventure Los Angeles Orange County “Lax Shuttle Service” here on Quilib

From time to time, Quilib find they reach out to people around the globe and in all honesty with things like Google Talk being around we find that Quilib and Lax can make this happen effortlessly, this is a service which we use when we deal with our associates across the Atlantic called Shuttle to Lax. Today the L.A. shuttle team will work with our group to see we get the full benefits of using Lax Shuttle Service a transportation service which is not as common in the UK. The truth is we arrived Read more [...]


It Has been some time since I went for a Honda Scooter MOT Test fortunately the Best place to do so is very local to where I live.In the UK, its law that every year your motor vehicle, be it a car, or motorcycle, has a test to show it's road worthy. Once it has past that test you receive a certificate known as Ministry of Transportations MOT Certificate. This is a very good law as helps to encourage less accidents on the road. Fortunately there are some honest Policemen in the UK, and they contribute Read more [...]