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SEO Work for Mark Matthews

My very old friend known as Mark Matthews recently had a disappointing letter on his desk which told Mark that there no longer was any SEO Work for him as Mark is a passionate SEO guru this information came to him as a total shock, the reason being is he has been doing so well for the company who now say they no longer need his SEO services. I feel confident he will find some work as his skills outshine many others working within search.

Sting has a commercial pilot’s license

Many people may not be aware of it, the rock-star Sting has a full commercial pilot’s license. Sting is not a only a good song writer his is also very well educated in many different languages. Sting was spotted in an airport in Germany on a private jet which he flew to Germany. The Police front man, who has long been a campaigner on environmental issues, was spotted disembarking from the plane alone at Leipzig airport. He was then bussed into the city centre to perform with the rest of the band Read more [...]

A little website redirect in action

SEO Toronto has recently decided on moving their site with a 301. It turned out that everything worked well, they quoted that the end results were described as perfectly satisfactory. I love the different stories you hear about search engines, they vary so much that we here at Quilib believe to really know the end result of any quote given to you by friends or search engine representatives is to give everything a try for yourself. There are so many way which you can do the same thing and end up Read more [...]

Paul Weller’s views on the changing music business

Paul Weller has always felt the music industry is not run fairly, in addition to that he feels there is a lot of favoritism given towards what individuals look like and what they believing. Obtaining a recording contract has little to do with your true musical ability. If you don’t have the time to check his website right now, you’re in luck. Weller is doing a brief interview via youtube where he will give his reasons for his beliefs which he has stood by for over 30 years without any change Read more [...]

Keeping close to our lifetime intentions

Like many people we all have a plan in life to be something special. Mark McGlashan was no exception to this rule and he takes his hat off to the many great teachers out there like the creator of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup who makes learning exciting and he frequently stimulates your curiosity. Despite having such positive intentions in life few ever become as lucky as Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs but being one of the rich and super famous is not what it’s all about, its about paving the way for a good Read more [...]

Learning German

There are different ways of learning languages from participation in classes at language schools, through conversations with native speakers, to private tutoring mostly in a foreign language teacher. The advantage of school language learning is the ability to adapt to your level and communication skills during the classes, which is achieved by conducting dialogues with other course participants. Learning on the course at a language school also used to solve the tasks with the help of other participants Read more [...]

Perhaps train your Brain?

Here in 2012 I’m very much into training my brain. That does not mean some hectic approach which quickly becomes-boring. I came across a very good book which I purchased in London UK from a very good book shop in London WC2 on Charring cross road called Foyles. The name is Train your Brain written by DR KAWASHIMA. It’s a great book which has lots of different exercises that can help you increase your brain power and I’ve put it to the test and I highly recommend it to any person who wants Read more [...]

Another progressive day

As each day goes by my I set myself targets which I try to reach an objective. It could be to read a number of chapters from one of my programming books it could be trying to tackle some SEO problems or it could be marketing a local directory whatever my goal is for the week I want to to try to fulfill it. Life does not stop after School, High School, and University life keeps going even when your into your forties. Despite having my fair share of sand kicked in my face by former girlfriends my life Read more [...]

Light classical music online

A great way to take all your stress away is to listen to light classical music and one sure way to do this is by listening to Classical FM they play a wide Varity of classical music and no matter what music you like you’ll find something likeable as have highly successful rock bands like Queen and Led Zepplin. Had no classical music online been around to listen and enjoy, places great songs like Stairway to heaven and Queen's bohemian rhapsody may have never been created as these songs have-some Read more [...]

Facts about president obama

President Obama in my opinion is a genius and when he does something he does it good. Its impossible to ever satisfy every person in the country fully and Barack-Obama is no exception-to this rule, however he has made some changes in the country which many people are in favor of. I would hate to see Hillary Clinton at any point every sit in office instead of him, I hope a time like that never comes, many people have made predictions that this may be happen, in fact claim it’s ordained. Lets hope Read more [...]