Another progressive day

As each day goes by my I set myself targets which I try to reach an objective. It could be to read a number of chapters from one of my programming books it could be trying to tackle some SEO problems or it could be marketing a local directory whatever my goal is for the week I want to to try to fulfill it. Life does not stop after School, High School, and University life keeps going even when your into your forties. Despite having my fair share of sand kicked in my face by former girlfriends my life still presses on. I’ve found one of the best ways forward in life is admit your limitations and to develop what you feel you will do well in.

Each man and woman has their limitations and once they work outside them they lose time. Its pointless saying you want to be a mathematician when you struggle to work out simple calculations like the 12x table in your head, as if you cant work out such simple maths your skills within the world of a mathematician such weakness is none existent however you can better-them.

My recent venture has been working on brain training and I’ve to confess I’m showing some very good progress, had I not had the faith to exercise this I would be none the wiser as to what type of development I could accomplish. I’m now knowledgeable with exercises which can contribute to tackling senile-dementia.

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