Monthly Archives: July 2012

Perhaps train your Brain?

Here in 2012 I’m very much into training my brain. That does not mean some hectic approach which quickly becomes-boring. I came across a very good book which I purchased in London UK from a very good book shop in London WC2 on Charring cross road called Foyles. The name is Train your Brain written by DR KAWASHIMA. It’s a great book which has lots of different exercises that can help you increase your brain power and I’ve put it to the test and I highly recommend it to any person who wants Read more [...]

Another progressive day

As each day goes by my I set myself targets which I try to reach an objective. It could be to read a number of chapters from one of my programming books it could be trying to tackle some SEO problems or it could be marketing a local directory whatever my goal is for the week I want to to try to fulfill it. Life does not stop after School, High School, and University life keeps going even when your into your forties. Despite having my fair share of sand kicked in my face by former girlfriends my life Read more [...]

Light classical music online

A great way to take all your stress away is to listen to light classical music and one sure way to do this is by listening to Classical FM they play a wide Varity of classical music and no matter what music you like you’ll find something likeable as have highly successful rock bands like Queen and Led Zepplin. Had no classical music online been around to listen and enjoy, places great songs like Stairway to heaven and Queen's bohemian rhapsody may have never been created as these songs have-some Read more [...]

Facts about president obama

President Obama in my opinion is a genius and when he does something he does it good. Its impossible to ever satisfy every person in the country fully and Barack-Obama is no exception-to this rule, however he has made some changes in the country which many people are in favor of. I would hate to see Hillary Clinton at any point every sit in office instead of him, I hope a time like that never comes, many people have made predictions that this may be happen, in fact claim it’s ordained. Lets hope Read more [...]

Cheap multitrack recorder available

The nice thing is with multritrack recorders you can pick them up cheap, a good example of such a divice is the one which-is made by ZOOM you can get one of these for a s cheap-as £200.00 For that price if you know what your doing you can get some very interesting recordings. You could for example have a four piece band with abass drums and guitar and you write jazz songs and you sound is really geared at projecting your ability as a live band then with a few additional exras this could prove to Read more [...]