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Passionate about Antiques here in 2011

As a child I never really took a liking to Antique furniture I generally had a feel for the modern look. Now in my middle ages I still feel the same way. I do like Antique floors, recently I found a broad range at Rischkopf Antiques and I found some of its stock to be appealing at Rischkopf Antiques perhaps as time has gone buy I appreciate the quality which goes into some of the older desirable things. I speak of things which can be used in the home to decorate it such as a wooden flooring something Read more [...]

Rock legend Gary Moore found dead

My heart and symphony goes out to a great guitarist Gary Moore notorious for technique. He had a nice singing voice and he played great guitar lines and his improvisation skills were excellent.Rock Legend Moore wrote many classic songs, one very well known song which he wrote with his former band Thin Lizzy is a song called Parisienne Walkways this is a great song on several thin Lizzy albums. Moore really utilizes his skills when he plays this song live, he does this with great vocals and mind blowing Read more [...]