Monthly Archives: December 2010

Guitarist Buys Google in Cash!

Mark Earl McGlashan a Guitarist from London has offered to buy Google, what is more the entrepreneur is said to be paying in cash! Rumors circulated the Billionaires Mansion in West Hampstead London. However friends laughed at such ridiculous claims saying the guitarist celebrating the release of his new cover version of You do something to me did not have two pennies to rub together far a less have such ludicrous claims topurchase Google. Read more [...]

Dangerous rock star live on youtube!

I had finally felt it was time to get around to putting up my YouTube channel Mark McGlashan Its one of those things which I had been meaning to get around too which has come a bit late but none the less sooner now than never. Please check it out and leave your comments Its not often you can see one of worlds greatest unknown song writers projecting his skills, not just to those who frequently tune into my blog but to those who know about good song writing as well as those who like Read more [...]