Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Members of the secret Hatch

The following people are members of the secret hatch club.Drew Slippery the SnakeSlithery the SnakeAdam the TigerBarney the OwlDrew is a very lucky child as he has something in his home which most children could only dream of, despite having the dream of most children right at his fingertips, he still complains, surprisingly the other members has recognised Drew as the Director of the members. Those of you familiar with the fairy tale "the Lion the witch and the Wardrobe" try to synchronise your Read more [...]

Identifying a woman with hot knickers

Identifying a woman with hot knickers may sound like a strange term but in reality its very true. The term referred to "woman with hot knickers" is a way to describe a very insecure woman, who is so crazy for men, she will do practically anything to indirectly gain their attention, not only that, the volume of men which she finds attractive are way more than any average woman. She may be your partner, wife, girlfriend, lover, or even a woman you work with who is always trying to be centre of attention Read more [...]