Monthly Archives: July 2010

Nile Rodgers Master of Funk Grooves

I had just been playing my old fender Strat, in the out of phase pick-up position which is one of the most favoured tones from 5 tones which can be accomplished when shifting the pick-up switch often used by those who play the Fender Stratocaster & when you hear it and then know it, the first thing you will realize it is used by many famous artist both old and modern here in 2010. This unique sound is admired by many guitar players, as well as those who just love the sound of the guitar or Read more [...]

Catastrophe caused by Floods in Poland

Being a Londoner I am no stranger to the rain however I am to floods. Despite several of them taking place in the UK I've personally never experienced a serious one.However over the last few years I have been living most of my life in Poland. Not so long ago I was some place in Warsaw & out of nowhere it just started to rain like crazy, and within a short space of time the streets were flooded, I can recall waiting for the train and seeing vast amounts of water rapidly trickling down the stairs, Read more [...]