Monthly Archives: June 2010

My favourite Search Engine is Google

When you need to find some information via a search engine there is one preferred choice and this is Google. Not just because you here a lot about them, but because their search engine is the best by far.When you compare Google with Ask, Bing,& Yahoo you can see why. If your an seo consultant the majority of your customers request is "can you get them into the top 3 of Google?Lets say you wanted to do a search for the term "boot windows from a usb hard drive" the information you would get in the Read more [...]


If you are a blogger or basically someone like me who likes to write about anything which comes to mind and then let it become a part of search engine traffic then the more recent term it is referred to is blogging. Many people have been doing just that every since the web has been available for the public to use.The other good point about blogging and one which many people neglect is that it can bring you together with many people who share the same interest as you. You could use this for many Read more [...]

Music vs Maths

We can caught in many situations in life, some being good and some being bad. However being trapped between emotions has to be one of the worst. I touch this point as it can come in any walk of life not only relationships. You may be good at maths and music and which to peruse a career in both but when you analyse it, it's just not practical, however lets say you pursue a career in maths and that turns out to uninteresting for you and you suddenly wish to turn to music. Guitar Improvisation Vs Read more [...]

Live Music

A true assessment of any bands potential in performance is exposed at a live event, live music is has a way of showing any bands true colours. There was a time in the UK when they were promoting boy bands to encourage female admirers to belief that one of these so called good looking boys would some day be their future husband:) Sure enough its a great tactic by any record company to promote a band who can't hum a note in tune yet to woman they look great on stage and fulfil their ideal male fantasy. Read more [...]


It Has been some time since I went for a Honda Scooter MOT Test fortunately the Best place to do so is very local to where I live.In the UK, its law that every year your motor vehicle, be it a car, or motorcycle, has a test to show it's road worthy. Once it has past that test you receive a certificate known as Ministry of Transportations MOT Certificate. This is a very good law as helps to encourage less accidents on the road. Fortunately there are some honest Policemen in the UK, and they contribute Read more [...]