Monthly Archives: December 2009

I just Love my Room in the Loft

One of the Homes which I lived in as a child was a normal 3 bedroomed terrace house, there lived my Mum, Dad, and two brothers Chris, and Marlon, and my sister Mara. We had spoken about moving with the Markslog on many occasions as we had intended to move to a bigger house.This intention never immediately materialized. Before any moving took place the house had some modifications and the best one being the Attic conversion the outcome was a desired room in an almost perfect location. I say almost Read more [...]

A little magic in his fingers

I was listening to a bass player who was producing a magnificent sound whilst playing a bass guitar solo and my conclusion of the effect it had on me or if I had to describe it would be a little magic in his fingers, the bass player's name is Henry Thomas. Whenever you get the chance to hear him play you will be amazed with his talent and feel. He was a teacher for the program Rock School which came on around 20 years ago they taught Bass Drums, Guitar and Keyboards. They did this by breaking Read more [...]