Monthly Archives: November 2009

Things I ate which disagreed with my stomach

I had recently not been eating to much but everyday without fail I have a Coffee. Once you get use to this way of eating and drinking you become accustomed to it. As I am not a heavy eater from time to time I tend to feel to indulge into tasting a variety of dishes. Sunday gone I tried Grycan Ice cream they have a really nice ice cream which I have forgotten the name of but its highly addictive and really tasty. I combined this with Beer, Wine Cheese, Biscuits Cashew Nuts and Peanuts, Crisp and apple Read more [...]

Starting the day just after midnight

If you are a person who does a lot of writing or creative work you will find you are working all types of hours in the night. When you do this frequently your day begins just after midnight. This type of life whilst doing my research with the Read more [...]


Nothing worst than having a fresh site with lots of nice content and waiting for it to be indexed as I have been here Updated on 29.05.2014 at 03.22: It is not uncommon for Google not to index your site but just index the front page. Now I do not need to here about site maps etc. they are all in place. I have many sites but for some strange reason despite being N01 in every other engine Google will not index it? This can be annoying to deal with especially when it was indexed before and despite Read more [...]


(quick post. I’m doing the write fast thing to get me back in the blogging habit. QUUTK is a little code with a long message I recently used it whilst in the sales department of the Good Homes (NHB). I love the idea of creating an original way to communicate which bewilders listeners and this one QUUTK is no exception.I mean how does a language come around in the first place? I guess such answers would be way beyond this short note. Would it not be great if you could use words in a way were just Read more [...]

Late tuning into the BBC NEWS

Working on a computer can have serious effects on the way you manage your daily life, its not unusual to become like a bunch of Customers. I was a regular fan of the BBC NEWS however after moving to Poland, I watched it less and less. One of the reasons was it was unavailable at my home for a while and I became use to not seeing it. I know you can stream news but the quality is poor and it is time consuming so after working around a Computer all day with a goal in mind NEWS becomes watch able seldom Read more [...]